Be the Change

January 21, 2013


“Have you ever paused — in your fretting, and your worrying, and your clamouring, and your anger about what you think the world should be giving you — to think about what you could be giving the world?”

Holy Days

January 12, 2013


“It is not gifts or presents that your family members wish for. It is your presence, and not presents, that make for true connection and happiness.”

Remember Why You Celebrate

December 25, 2012


“Somehow your culture has built up a frenzy, no longer based on anything spiritual, just based on advertising…”


December 20, 2012


“There is a beautiful thing in life — the concept of serendipity, of things just falling into alignment in ways you may have never expected…”

Cultivating the Witness

December 10, 2012


“… You can call it ‘cultivating the witness’ — making conscious contact with the divine part of yourself that does not get flustered, that does not get carried away by emotion and then asking it to always be there…”

Energy of Confusion

November 18, 2012


“The energy that is raining now, in your present moment, on your planet, is an energy of confusion…”


“Yes, there is darkness. Yes, there is suffering. And it can seem overpowering. It can seem unchangeable…”

The Key to Growth

November 4, 2012

“The key to growth is not just planting seeds. The key to growth is movement…”

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There is a New Time Coming on Earth

November 1, 2012

“Oh, the new world! Will be such a magical place, and those who are aware of it will get to the enjoy the magic so much more…”

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Choose Your Focus and Watch it Blossom in the Spring

October 23, 2012

“So many of you have learned to see winter as a time of abiding… But, actually, this winter, this coming coolness, is a beginning…“

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